Latest Developments.


2021 will see the introduction of our one piece 4.2mm pressed side panel.

Over the last 10 years we have spend many hours and prototypes redeveloping the Aliweld Ashpalt body to suit the wider customer requirements .
Our R&D team are constantly redesigning our production methods to reduce build time, keeping our delivery schedules on target.
We have a one piece top rail, designed to incorporate the outer skin insulation sheet, our 8mm Endural floor plate ensures hard wearing performance for demanding operations.

Our latest was to introduce a one piece bottom rail to cap the sides to floor insulation.

“No other body builder in Europe are producing bodies to match this design”

Aliweld mud guard
Wheel view
Endural picture

“One piece development”

In November 2018 we sourced an aluminium sheet that was the hardest aluminium sheet you can buy. It’s called ‘ENDURAL’ and we purchased it in 8mm thickness. We also contacted three companies that can press this especially hard aluminium. 

From May 2019 we have been producing aluminium bodies with a ‘one-piece’ 8mm hard wearing, high impact material that will give our clients a longer lasting floor plate. This also saved us time in the building process (12hrs in total), not having to stack, cut and press our smaller sheets then weld them together.

With safety and type approval in mind we have now made a ‘one-piece’ side skirt that allow the mud wings to bolt onto it, keeping spray down to a minimum in wet weather, being closer to the tyre.

 This also allows fitment of extra lights down both sides which some customers like.

The Aliweld body is the most modern, lightest like for like body and nobody thinks of innovation as much was we do. We tell our customers, we’re always thinking, and in our opinion, we are the UK’s No. 1 aluminium body builder.