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VCA type approval awarded.

Aliweld's one stop body shop specialise in the manufacture and repair of aluminium tipping bodies.
We fit all kinds of hydraulic tipping gears and sheeting systems, manual and electric.

Aliweld carry out fitting of lateral protection and Chapter 8 decals with conspicuity tape, please call for details.


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Aluminium tipping bodies manufactured to your specification.

Size and specification are designed and manufactured in house to match every kind of operation, terrain or transport need. Stability and quality are of prime importance to Aliweld's highly skilled workforce.

Fit Tipping Gear | Fit sheeting systems | Fit Weighing Systems | Repair Service | Stock Spares, next day delivery.

If it's Aluminium it's Aliweld
"Aliweld prides itself on its broad and impressive customer base which can be attributed to its efficiency and quality of service,"
Toby Welch, Director.